Jail Operating Citizens Advisory Committee

This committee was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to "serve in an advisory capacity to the Columbia County Sheriff and to the Columbia County Board of Commissioners concerning the proper appropriation of jail levy funds for operation of the Columbia County Jail."

The committee consists of nine members (with two current vacancies) appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and serve without compensation.

"Citizens Advisory Committee Finds Jail Funds Spent Appropriately/Capacity Goals Met"

The Columbia County Jail "is extremely well run".  Thus says the report issued by the Citizens' Advisory Committee the Board of County Commissioners established in 2014  to ensure that the  levy passed by voters to keep the jail operating was being used to fund jail operations and not other County expenses.   

The Committee has found the operating funds to be spent effectively and efficiently on keeping the jail working to provide a safe and secure custody environment.  The jail has reached the capacity goals set forth by the levy in 2014 and has has ceased from the forced releases brought about by reduced funding levels.

The jail also has benefited tremendously from the rental of beds to the U.S. Marshal, the committee has found.  Adding federal inmates to the cost of operating the jail is approximately $11 per inmate, while the federal government pays $80 per inmate, the committee has determined, adding an additional $1.4 million dollars that local taxpayers do not have to pay to keep the jail in operation. 


Committee Members

Garrett Lines, Chair
Jim Gibson, Vice Chair
Larry Weaver
Dave Brown
Alan Johnston 
Mary Anne Anderson
Bob Brajcich
****2 Vacancies**** 

Next Scheduled Meeting(Public Meeting) September 17, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.

General Information
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
901 Port Ave
St. Helens,