Columbia County Jail

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office operates a detention facility, built in 2000, that holds 258 beds and averages 180 inmates per day. Inmates housed at the Columbia County Jail are typically those with misdemeanor convictions, sentenced to less than a year of incarceration.

Inmates are provided medical and mental health care as needed, three meals a day, bedding, and hygiene items. Other inmate services such as mail, commissary accounts, and phones may be available, depending on length of stay and behavior. Additionally, if they meet the necessary qualifications, inmates have access to a variety of supportive programs designed to teach valuable life skills, provide incentives for good behavior, enhance spiritual and emotional well-being.

The jail is much like a small city and it takes many team members, both staff and contracted services, to smoothly facilitate the daily operations. For the Columbia County Jail, the Corrections Team is comprised of the following members:        

  • Columbia County Corrections Staff
  • Columbia County Sheriff's Office
  • Columbia County Administrative Staff (IT, Finance, County Counsel)
  • Maintenance Staff
  • MedTrust Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Trinity Food Services
  • Securus Phone Services
  • Keefe Commissary
  • Columbia County Mental Health
  • Local Police Departments and the U.S. Marshals Service

Over the years, the jail has experienced significant funding issues, but a levy passed in 2013 and most recently renewed in May of 2020, has allowed the jail to continue to operate fully staffed. Jail levy fund expenditures are reviewed by the Jail Operating Citizens Advisory Committee (JOCAC), a group of 8 citizens appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Individuals wishing to visit an inmate should view the Inmate Visitation page and be familiar with the Jail Visitor Rules before attending. The Inmate Census (Roster) is available online, and includes a reference to the “pod” that each inmate is housed in. Visitors should note that each pod has a different visitation schedule.

General Information
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
901 Port Ave
St. Helens,