Sex Offender Registration

Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

Sex offender registration is designed to help law enforcement identify sex offenders in the community, prevent future sex offenses, and to help track the most dangerous predatory and sexually violent offenders. Oregon law requires adults and juveniles who have been convicted of certain crimes to be registered in the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registry. Registration is for life, unless released by the court.

All Oregon law enforcement agencies submit their registrations to the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit. By law, that unit is the state repository mandated to maintain registered sex offender records, provide assistance to victims or sex offenders, and to provide information to law enforcement agencies. 

Registration requirements apply to all offenders who live, work, or attend school in Oregon. They also apply to sex offenders who were:

•    Convicted in another United States court of a crime that would constitute a sex crime if committed in the State of Oregon; or 
•    Required to register as a sex offender in another court's jurisdiction; or
•    Required to register under federal law, regardless of whether the crime would constitute a sex crime in the State of Oregon

How Registration Works

All registered sex offenders are required to report, in person, to a law enforcement agency in the county that they reside in, under any of the following circumstances:

•    Within 10 days of any changes of residence
•    Once each year within 10 days of a person's birth date, regardless of whether the person recently changed residence
•    Within 10 days of the first day the person works at, carries on a vocation at, or attends an institution of higher education
•    Within 10 days of change in work, vocation or attendance status at an institution of higher education

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office offers sex offender registration at its office located at 901 Port Avenue, St. Helens, Oregon 97051 during normal office hours. No appointment is needed and the process takes 15-30 minutes.

What to bring....

To register, each offender should bring the following information:

•    Photo identification
•    A copy of the judgement of conviction for an initial report.

Each offender is required to be photographed and their fingerprints must be on file. There is no registration fee.


We are a reporting agency ONLY. If you have questions regarding your requirements, please contact the OSP Sex Offender Unit at:

Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registry Section
3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, Oregon 97317

Phone: 503-934-1258

General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: 503.366-4644
Emergencies: Dial 911
901 Port Avenue
Saint Helens,