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 Dog Licensing

Licenses can be obtained at the Sheriff's Office during normal business days/hours. Applications can also be downloaded and mailed to the Licensing Clerk with proof of rabies vaccination, or completed online.  

Dog licenses issued must run concurrent with the rabies vaccination period.

Sheriff's Office - Licensing Clerk

910 Port Avenue
St. Helen's Oregon 97051

Phone: (503) 366-4611
Fax: 503-366-4644

1 Year

2 Year

3 Year

Spayed or Neutered Dog




Unfixed Dog




Senior Owner(65) Fixed Dog




Senior Owner(65) Unfixed Dog





Late Fee $25.00 per household
Kennel Permit (10 dogs or More) $250.00
Groomer Permit Only $100.00
Late Fee for Kennel or Groomer Permit $100.00

Investigations & Complaints

Sheriff's Office Dog Control Officer    

Dog Control
901 Port Avenue
Saint Helen's Oregon 97051

Phone: Dispatch 503-397-1521
Phone: Direct line 503-366-4614
Fax: 503-366-3990


County Shelter Operations

County shelter operations are now separate from the Columbia Humane Society, though located at the same address.   The County Shelter office is located on the East side of the building and clearly marked. The County Shelter is available by appointment.  To view any dog held by the County, make arrangements with the Sheriff's Office Licensing Clerk above.

Columbia County Sheriff Dog Control

2084 Oregon Street
St. Helen's Oregon 97051

Phone: 503-366-4614
Fax: 503-366-4644


The Sheriff's Dog Control Officer uses social media and email to connect with dog owners.  You can go to the Animal Control Facebook page at: to find any dogs currently held at the Shelter.

Directions: To Dog Shelter

From Portland
Follow Rt.30/Columbia River Highway, north, sign-posted to St. Helens.
Approximately 1 mile north of St. Helens, turn right at the traffic lights onto Deer Island Road. You will cross railroad tracks next to a lumber yard. Immediately after crossing the tracks, turn left onto Oregon Street. Columbia Humane Society is located inside the Holsheimer-Lamar Animal Shelter.

From Rainier
Follow Rt.30/Columbia River Highway, south towards St. Helens.
Go through Columbia City, past the mini mart/gas station which will be on your right hand side. Half a mile on at the first traffic lights, turn left onto Deer Island Road and cross the railroad tracks. Immediately after crossing the tracks, turn left onto Oregon Street. Columbia Humane Soceity is located inside the Holsheimer-Lamar Animal Shelter.


Animal Control Quick Links
General Information
open 24/7
Animal Control Officer
Kadell, Roger
Phone Numbers
Fax: 503-366-4644
Emergencies: Dial 911
Sheriff's Office
901 Port Ave.
Saint Helens,

Sheriff's Office open Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm
Licenses and redemption of lost dogs
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
Weekends 8:30 - noon and 1-5 p.m.