What About Cats?

Columbia County currently has no ordinance relating to stray or lost cats. 

Animal Control cannot accept stray cats at the Animal Shelter, nor can it assist residents with issues involving domestic or feral cats. Finders of stray cats are encouraged to post the information regarding them to county-area Facebook pages in an attempt to locate the owners.

People taking in a stray cat may become the keeper of the animal and be responsible for its proper care. If you wish to become the owner of a stray cat, you must make reasonable and documented efforts to locate the animal’s owners. The finder should have the animal scanned for a micro-chip.

People finding and wishing to keep or re-home a stray cat must follow Oregon state law (ORS 98.005) regarding found property.

ORS 98.005 - responsibilities of finders of money or goods

  • If any person finds money or goods valued at $250 or more, and if the owner of the money or goods is unknown, such person, within 10 days after the date of the finding, shall give notice of the finding in writing to the county clerk of the county in which the money or goods was found. Within 20 days after the date of the finding, the finder of the money or goods shall cause to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county a notice of the finding once each week for two consecutive weeks. Each such notice shall state the general description of the money or goods found, the name and address of the finder and final date before which such goods may be claimed.
  • If no person appears and establishes ownership of the money or goods prior to the expiration of three months after the date of the notice to the county clerk under subsection (1) of this section, the finder shall be the owner of the money or goods

Cats may not be valued at $250, but generally following these guidelines for notification would help to establish legal ownership. If ownership of the animal cannot be established, the finder may keep the animal or re-home the animal as needed.

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